Attendance Form

Report an absence by using our attendance form below or by calling our 24/7 attendance line:

This attendance form is only valid if submitted using a parent or guardian email recognized by the Student Information System (SIS).
Are you submitting a full day absence, a late arrival, or early release?
  • The person picking up the student MUST be a parent/guardian or emergency contact listed in SIS.
  • Notifications MUST be submitted by 11:15 am; submissions after this time will not be accepted and parents will be required to come in to the Attendance Office to sign out their student.
  • The arent should tell the student to stop by the Attendance Office at some point before their time of release to pick up their pass to leave class. They will not be allowed to leave class at time of check out without a pass.
Will the student be returning to school?

Parent/Guardian Contact Information

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