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College & Career Center Specialist 

Lynn Otto l 703-319-2357 l @email

The Career Center provides students in grades 9-12 with college and career information, programs and opportunities for post-secondary planning.  Students will explore educational and career options, make realistic career decisions and establish SMART goals as part of their Student Learning Plan.  Students are welcome to visit during Warhawk Time, at lunch, with a pass from the Career Center, after school or with a pass from a teacher at any time.  Parents are welcome too!  Parents making a special trip to Madison High School just to visit the Career Center should call ahead to schedule a convenient time.

Family Connection, accessible through FCPS 24-7 Learning (Blackboard) is a web-based service designed especially for high school students and their parents. Family Connection is a comprehensive website that helps students as they make decisions about academic plans, colleges, and careers.

College and Career Planning Resources

Youth Employment Certificate Application