Visitor Procedures

Visitor Management for Student Safety and Security

Visitors are welcome at Madison!

By appointment only

Visitations with teachers during the school day are by appointment only (staff directory) or with the approval of an administrator.  If past students would like to visit teachers, they must come to the school at 3:00 p.m.  They will not be permitted into the school while classes are in session.

Visitor control is monitored through an electronic door access system.

  • Visitors sign-in at the main office and register electronically. (Visitors should always enter through Entrance #1 and be prepared to present valid picture identification at check-in.)
  • Visitors are issued a sticker that must be displayed on their clothing at all times.
  • Visitors check-out in the main office before they leave the school.

School safety precautions

The following procedures have been implemented to help keep student safe:

  • Faculty and staff will always have their FCPS photo-identification badges displayed.
  • Exterior doors are locked from the outside during the instructional day.
  • Cameras monitor all exterior doors and grounds.
  • Former students and friends of students, etc. are not allowed to visit during school hours.