Class of 2025

Hello Madison Class of 2025!

Parents and guardians, please read the following information and discuss with your student.  Help us get the word out by sharing this information with any parent of a senior, or the senior themselves, that might not check their notifications from the school over the summer.


Any senior that wants a parking spot will be able to get one. The availability of spots for juniors will depend on senior interest. Junior parking will be addressed in August.

All seniors who want to park on school grounds (meaning on the asphalt not in the gravel lot) will park in an assigned spot that corresponds to their hang tag number.  The only unassigned spots will be for students parking in the gravel lot.

Seniors who would like to park on school grounds for the 2024-25 school year, please fill out this form by July 12, 2024.  The form can only be accessed using a student’s email account that begins with their student ID number. Parents/guardians, your seniors will also be receiving this email in their student email, please help “remind...badger...” your seniors to complete the form before July 12.

Please note:

  • Senior assigned spots will be in the back of the building between the baseball field and tennis courts (the “senior” lot), in the front and side of the building near the main gym, and as much of the lot exiting to Flint Hill Rd. (the “junior” lot) as needed.  If you would rather have a spot in the gravel lot, you may request that when you fill out the form.
  • Students will not have the ability to pick exact spots but requests for different lots will be accommodated as much as possible based on availability.  Students will get their spots when they pick up their passes in late July/early August.  Students cannot request specific spots in advance. 
  • After July 12, the school can no longer guarantee a numbered spot for seniors because we will open those remaining spots to Juniors.  However a senior may still request a gravel lot pass after July 12th.
  • Parking passes will most likely cost $200.  Payment information will be sent out to all families requesting a spot in early August.  Payment will be through MySchoolBucks and must be completed before being able to pick up the parking pass.
  • When you fill out the form, please make sure that parent/guardian emails are inputted correctly since these email addresses will be used for subsequent communications.
  • If you are a rising senior who doesn't yet have your license, but knows you will get it this year and would like to pay now to guarantee a spot, you should go ahead and fill out the form.

    CONTACT: Michael Plunkett

Senior Portraits-UPDATE

Victor O’Neill (VOS) studios is our school’s official photographer. The first sessions are occurring this week on Wednesday, July 10 and Thursday, July 11, 2024.  It appears from the VOS website that there are no more spots available for this week. There will be two more sessions at Madison this summer/fall. The first will most likely be August 7-9 and the one in the fall will be in October. The upcoming sessions are not yet available on the Victor O’Neill website but should be available a couple weeks before the next session.

You must book a session with VOS to be in the yearbook! The required attire for the school’s yearbook pose is traditional Tuxedos and Drapes; provided by VOS. In addition to the free yearbook session, VOS also offers sessions that include casual/personality portraits and Cap and Gown portraits.  

If you have any questions, please email the Senior Portraits Team: @email. Please kindly include your Senior’s First and Last Name and “James Madison Class of 2025” when emailing, for faster assistance.

CONTACT: Michelle Taylor