Regional Science Fair

Students advance to regional science competition

March 20, 2019

22 projects from Madison Presented at the Regional Science fair March 15-17.

5 Projects were selected for the VSEF 

1. Solomon Hutchins, Noa Yager : Biochemistry

2. Joshua Salazar: Biomed Engg

3. Rayan Yu: Math

4. Sid Thakker : Cellular and Molecular Bio ( Also a grand prize nominee)

5. Allen Pan: Comp Bio


The following students were placed 2nd 1. Divya Somashekhar :Chemistry 2. Zach Zobair and Philip Milton : Bio Chem 3. Thaissa Peixoto and Alex Gurski : Biomed 4. Arnav Wadhera: Robotics

Every Year One project is chosen from the entire fair and a patent is filed for their invention completely free: Alex Gurski and Thaissa Peixoto