Mr. Buckley, Ms. Calvert, Dr. Farrish Recognized for Excellence

By Department of Human Resources
October 17, 2018
a photo fhe madison high school team
Left to right: Director of Student Services Tim Buckley, Assistant Principal Liz Calvert, Assistant Principal Cheronda Farrish, and Principal Greg Hood pose for a picture at the reception before the ceremony.

Congratulations to Director of Student Services Tim Buckley, Assistant Principal Liz Calvert, and Assistant Principal Cheronda Farrish who were recognized at the 2018 FCPS Excellence Awards Ceremony for their efforts in the Student Achievement category for their efforts in closing the achievement gap over the course of a two year period. 

The FCPS Excellence event was held at Fairfax High School on October 16 and was attended by Superintendent Dr. Scott Brabrand, members of the FCPS Leadership Team, members of the FCPS School Board, and other distinguished guests. Mr. Buckley, Ms. Calvert, and Ms. Farrish were recognized for their contributions during an informal reception and a formal ceremony. The following excerpt from their nomination packet was read while each member of the team received their certificate.

At James Madison High School, the 2016-2017 graduation rate for our Hispanic population was the third lowest in FCPS. These three team members are part of the administrative team at Madison High School that was tasked with closing this achievement gap. Mr. Buckley, Ms. Calvert, and Ms. Farrish completed a holistic review of each student’s cumulative file as well as the student’s overall readiness of the student. They constructed school readiness plans for these students. For one ESOL student, a 22-year-old senior, the team learned he had been forced to move outside of the school boundary. Liz directly impacted the number of hours some of these students had to work at a job by starting a pantry that provided food on a weekly basis for the student’s family. This team truly left no stone unturned for these students. Thank you for all you have done for these students and congratulations again to this team!

Thank you, Mr. Buckley, Ms. Calvert, and Ms. Farrish for all of your efforts in receiving this award and your continued contributions to James Madison High School.

Thank you as well to System of Support Advisor Francesca Branson for taking the time and effort in writing the nomination packet for this award.