Class of 2022 Senior Internships

May 24, 2022

The WINGS internship was a two-week long opportunity for graduating seniors that wished to gain experience in a field of interest, prior to graduation. Seniors interested in the program had to apply to be a participant, as well as find a community partner with whom to intern. 

Among the Class of 2022, over 130 graduates took part in the opportunity. Choosing between a passion project, or a potential career interest, local businesses ranging from Luxe Dermatology to Mathnasium hosted these students. The Town of Vienna also hosted interns at a variety of locations to include the Town Hall and the Parks and Recreation Office. 

Over 20 students completed their internship with Fairfax County Public Schools, ranging from being in the elementary to high school classrooms to working with the Office of Transportation. Vera Nguyen had the opportunity to continue her work in the Office of Curriculum and Instruction, under the supervision of educational specialist Deborah March. Nguyen's work began as part of the research process of the AP Seminar and AP Research courses that she took in her junior and senior year, respectively. 

With a career interest in secondary education, Nguyen had a goal of learning more about equity initiatives in FCPS as well as highlighting the importance of student agency in learning. As a participant in the Madison's school-based Student Listening Groups, Nguyen was able to hear from her peers on the type of misrepresentation they feel is present in the current curriculum. Taking that feedback directly into the work she did with March, she contributed to the creation of resources for African-American History Dual Enrollment course as well as worked on a project geared toward increasing the representation of immigrants' perspectives and experiences in U.S. history courses. 

A Celebration of Learning was held at the end of May at which each senior exhibited a presentation on their internship experience. Members of the community, as well as faculty and staff, were invited to attend the culminating event to learn more about the work the seniors completed during their internship.