What is the MADWings Experience?

From freshman to senior year, students create and add to a WINGS Portfolio which contains artifacts of their learning and growth. Students reflect on their growth over the year in Course Reflections. At the end of each year, students present their growth and portfolio in a MAD WINGS Presentation to school staff, peers, parents, and community guests. All students are expected to participate in the MAD WINGS experience and will receive special recognition at graduation upon completion.

Criteria 1: Claim of Growth - "I grew."

  • Proficient: Student shares specific examples from learning experiences to describe how they grew.

Criteria 2: Collection of Evidence - "I can prove it."

  • Proficient: Student provides multiple pieces of evidence (artifacts in portfolio) from learning experiences to show how they used and grew in POG skills.

Criteria 3: Reflection on POG - "Here's why it matters."

  • Proficient: Student reflects personally on the value of POG in their life and how it might impact their future. They can identify a next step to continue growing.

Senior Wings Experience

This experience provides seniors an opportunity to apply skills in local community settings and explore career and personal interests beyond the classroom. The Class of 2023 will participate in the Wings Experience from May 8 to May 24 through an out-of-school option or an in-school option. If students wish to do an out-of-school experience, they must complete an application and receive approval by the Wings Committee no later than 3:00 p.m. on April 25. Any student with an unapproved application will be assigned an in-school option. If seniors or parents have questions about their Wings Experience status, they can contact the Wings team member who reviewed their application or Mr. Rauenzahn at [email protected].

Once students have been approved for the out-of-school experience, the next step is to complete the Wings Contract and Parent/Guardian Approval Form. Parents and students must sign and return this form to the Wings team member who reviewed their application by April 27.

As a reminder, seniors are NOT excused from AP or required state mandated tests from May 8-24. They are also NOT excused from co-curricular activities or online, dual enrollment, or Academy classes during this time.

Seniors will present their portfolio and Senior Wings Experience learning during a Presentation of Learning on May 30 and 31 to celebrate and showcase their diverse experiences. Parents and community members are invited to attend.

Senior Wings Presentation of Learning Information

By May 24, students will sign up for a time slot on either May 30 or 31. Students will be assigned a location for their presentation based on their selected day and time. Their confirmed date, time, and location of presentation will be emailed to their FCPS schools email and posted on the Class of 2023 Schoology course by Friday, May 26.

Visit SignUpGenius to sign up for your presentation day and time.

Students will present to parents, community members, faculty, and underclassmen.

On May 24 and 25, students will have time during school to reflect on their Wings experiences, update their portfolios, and develop a short presentation. The presentation should include:

  • An overview of their portfolio for 12th grade
  • Some reflections on senior year and their overall growth at Madison
  • A sharing of what they did during their Wings Experience
  • A sharing of what they learned during their Wings Experience and how it relates to Portrait of a Graduate skills

The presentation will be an informal exhibition of learning. Students can present their portfolio, create a trifold, poster, slide deck, or other visual aid to share their learning. Example presentations and templates can be found in the Wings Handbook.

End of Year (EOY) Senior Wings Schedule

April 2023

4/25: Deadline for approval of out-of-school Wings application

4/27: Deadline for Parent/Guardian Approval Form

May 2023

5/4: All senior course content and assessments completed.

5/8-5/24: Senior WINGS Experience

5/25-5/26: Wings Presentation of Learning Preparation (Half Day)

5/30-5/31: Wings Presentations of Learning (Half Day)

Grades 9-11 MAD Wings Presentation of Learning

During what has traditionally been final exam week for students, all 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students will share their Wings Portfolio and reflection on what they have learned this year.* Students have been curating artifacts all year in their portfolio and will have time from June 2-9 to reflect on each course to prepare. Students will present to peers, parents, and community guests during their Advisory period on June 12, 13, and 14.** 

Presentations will be about five minutes where the student shares their portfolio and reflection on the grade-level driving questions. For examples, tips, and templates, visit this Google folder:

*If a student has a pre-arranged absence for their presentation day, they will need to give their presentation in advance on one of the make-up days (see calendar below) or in August 2023. Please communicate this directly with your Advisory teacher.

**If a student does not have an Advisory, they will be assigned an advisory teacher and room to present. Check your email and Schoology.

If you have questions about your presentation requirements, ask your Advisory teacher or come to the MAD Wings Lab every Warhawk Time 1 in the Warhawk Tutoring Center (Room 22).

Why are we doing a MAD Wings Presentation of Learning?

Portrait of a Graduate Presentation of Learning for every student is part of the  FCPS Strategic Plan. While there is no grade for completing the portfolio and presentation each year, the benefits for ALL students are: 

  • Reflecting on learning and celebrating that each student’s personal growth and interests are valued at Madison. 
  • Curating a professional portfolio that can be used for work and college. Many professions require a portfolio. 
  • Preparing for college and work applications. Some colleges  will consider a portfolio for admissions.  
    • Students can  share their portfolio with their counselor or use it to develop a work resume.
  • Presentation and communication skills are two of the most in-demand skills for the modern workplace.

EOY Grades 9-11 Reflection and Presentation Schedule

6/1: Course assessments completed

6/2-6/5: Course Reflections/Prep for presentations

6/6: Graduation - No school

6/7: Course Reflections/Prep for presentations; prearranged presentations 4th period

6/8: Course Reflections/Prep for presentations; prearranged presentations after school

6/9: Course Reflections/Prep for presentations, prearranged presentations 4th period

6/12: 1st: 8:10-8:40; Advisory Presentations: 8:50-10:40; 3rd: 10:50-11:20

6/13: 2nd: 8:10-8:40; Advisory Presentations: 8:50-10:40; 6th: 10:50-11:20

6/14: 5th: 8:10-8:40; Advisory Presentations: 8:50-10:40; 7th: 10:50-11:20

6/15: 8th: 8:10-8:40; Advisory: 8:50-11:20 - Mentoring (11th), Class activity (9th and 10th), Laptop return (9-11)

6/16: Last Day

Common Language

Wings Portfolio

A student generated digital collection of artifacts and reflections of their growth.


Any example/artifact of growth from in or outside of school, including content and Portrait of a Graduate skills.

Course Reflection

A student compiles and reflects on their content experiences through the year as defined by the teacher. Students will add this reflection to their portfolio.


The acronym for Portrait of a Graduate skills. These skills are traits that a student builds to be successful in college, their career, and life.

Driving and Reflection Questions by Grade Level


Driving Questions:

  • How can I, as a student, positively contribute to my school, my community, and my world?
  • How can I, as a freshman, demonstrate growth over the year?

Reflection Question:

  • What artifacts from my classes and activities show growth?


Driving Questions: 

  • How can I, as a student,  positively contribute to my school, my community, and my world?
  • How can I, as a sophomore, continue to demonstrate  growth?

Reflection Question: 

  • What artifacts from my classes and activities show my growth over the past two years?


Driving Questions: 

  • How will I, as a student, positively contribute to my school, my community, and my world?
  • How will meaningful experiences prepare me for the senior WINGS experience?

Reflection Questions: 

  • After reviewing my portfolio artifacts from my time at JMHS, what is meaningful to me?
  • How am I prepared to participate in Wings (What might I want to do for my Senior WINGS Experience?)


Driving Question: 

  • How will I, as a citizen, positively contribute to my community and my world this year and beyond?

Reflection Questions: 

  • How did I grow in my Senior WINGS Experience? What would I like to share with others about the MAD WINGS experience?
  • How have I grown as a learner / person during the MAD WINGS experience?
  • How will I, as a citizen, positively contribute to my community and my world after graduating from Madison High School?