2022 WINGS Senior Internship Presentation of Learning

We are pleased to invite you to our 2022 WINGS Senior Internship Presentation of Learning on Tuesday, May 24 from 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. at James Madison High School. This year’s senior WINGS participants will be sharing about their experiences, what they have learned, and how their internships and passion projects will impact their future.

Madison is under construction, so our parking is a bit of a challenge at this time.  Please park either in the back near Door 3 (by the Cafeteria) or in the front and you may enter Door 1 or Door 11.

We are so grateful to many of you for hosting, supporting, and mentoring so many of our graduating students. WINGS will be a fun and meaningful memory students look back on when they reflect on their high school experience. 

Looking forward to seeing you, celebrating WINGS and student learning on May 24!

Senior WINGS Program Spring 2022

WINGS is a 30-hour internship opportunity for seniors from May 9-20 where they have an option to explore career and personal interests through one of the following experiences:

  • Town of Vienna or Vienna Business Association internship
  • Identify and coordinate one’s own internship experience
  • Develop a personal business or personal passion project

Students received resources about the program through their English classes.  If interested, students should complete the interest form by Friday, March 25. Students will be notified by March 31st if they are approved to apply for the internship at local organizations. Applications will be due April 18th and students will complete a Wings Contract that requires a parent signature before the internship begins.

Details are on the WINGS FCPS google site.