WINGS Experience Program

Welcome to James Madison High School's Warhawk WINGS Experience Program. You are about to embark on an exciting and unique learning experience, which will give you the opportunity to examine the world from another viewpoint. You will have the chance to expand your interests and abilities in a professional setting, working with sponsors who have chosen to share their knowledge, experience, and talents with you.

It is our hope that your WINGS Experience will offer you the opportunity to become stronger, more confident and self-sufficient, as well as creatively productive as you apply your critical thinking skills to solve challenging real-world problems. The benefits you gain from this experience will depend on your initiative. You will be instrumental in establishing your sponsor's expectation of you by demonstrating and applying your knowledge and by setting the tone for what you want to achieve. Ask questions and show your initiative by assessing ways that you can contribute. Work out some short-term and long-term goals for your experience.

Once you decide to make a commitment to the Warhawk WINGS Experience Program, you will be expected to accept the responsibilities and challenges that go along with the opportunity. Your sponsor's expectations will be demanding, but the benefits and rewards will be well worth your time and efforts. A positive experience shows that you have good people skill and are able to work in a group setting other than the classroom.

In order to assist you in successfully planning for your WINGS Experience, please pay close attention to pertinent due dates and requirements.

NOTE: Submitting an application for WINGS does not guarantee acceptance into the program.

Best wishes as you take a giant step to earn your WINGS!


WINGS program and policies outlined in this handbook are subject to change based on FCPS policies.

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