Student Parking

Information on student parking and permits


All student parking will be in the back of the building either by the tennis courts (traditionally called the senior lot) or across from the trailers (traditionally called the junior lot). There will not be assigned spots; students will be able to park in either student lot. All seniors who want a parking permit will be able to get one. Enter your information on this Senior Parking Form (if you haven’t already) if you are a senior who wants a parking permit. Students must use their account to access this link. Seniors can pick up their parking passes at lunch during the week of 3/2 to 3/6. There will be no charge for parking this year.


After we determine the number of spots left after senior parking permits are issued, we will evaluate Junior parking needs.  Please use this Junior Parking Form if you are interested in obtaining a parking permit as a junior. Students must use their account to access the link.  We anticipate having enough passes for any junior who attends an academy and will prioritize these students.  After junior academy students are issued passes, we will determine the number of spots remaining and the number of juniors who have put in a request for a parking place.  If there is more interest than spots, we will use a random lottery system to determine the rest of the juniors who will receive a permit.


Note: The James Madison administrative staff reserves the right to deny parking on campus to any student at any time.


Contact the Security Office at 703-319-2342 with any questions. The Security Office is closed during the summer months, spring break, and winter break.