Requirements for Eligibility

At the end of senior year, many students are understandably looking forward to the next phase of their life and the challenges work or college will bring. This will be structured differently from their previous high school education and will require motivation, initiative, and planning on the part of each student who hopes to conclude high school in this program. The program provides the additional benefit of truly fostering collaborative efforts between James Madison students and adults in the community.

The Warhawk WINGS Experience Program is designed to allow students to explore opportunities beyond the classroom. You will design the kind of WINGS experience you want to have and you find a community sponsor who is willing to guide you in that experience. The range of areas and interests are open-ended and are agreed upon by the student, the teacher sponsor, and the community sponsor. The Warhawk WINGS Experience provides the opportunity for you to utilize your skills in the process of planning, implementing, and completing your own experience.

Grade Requirements

  • Senior must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Must be passing all classes with a C or better
  • If you have a GPA lower than 3.0, you must get at least one recommendation form from a JMHS staff member and permission from all your teachers


  • Seniors who incur excessive absences may be excluded from the Senior Internship Experience. Absences for family emergencies, illnesses, sporting events, and college visits will be excused.


  • Suspensions, habitual tardiness, hall pass violations, office referrals, cheating and other Honor Code violations will be reviewed on an individual basis. The WINGS team reserves the right to deny any student participation based on their discipline record during their senior year.


  • In order to participate, the student must pay all fees and fines associated with their student account. This includes fees from the library, cafeteria, textbooks, and parking passes.

Time Requirement

  • The WINGS program will run from Monday, May 11, 2020 to Friday, May 22, 2020.
  • A minimum of 36 hours on site
  • Celebration of Experience Fair (requirement) on Tuesday, May 26, 2020.

Senior Exams

All courses must administer a culminating final assessment, either a final exam or a culminating learning activity (See Exam Policy). Interested seniors also have a third alternative, which is to participate in the WINGS Program if they meet the requirements.

Students who elect to participate in the WINGS Program will have the opportunity to present a visual presentation to an authentic audience during the Exhibition of Experience. Failure to participate in the Exhibition of Experience will result in the requirement that the student complete final exams.

WINGS Celebrations of Experience

Required presentation at the Celebration of Experience Fair on May 26, 2020 at James Madison High School during the school day for underclassmen, faculty, community, and family. Students are required to have a tri-fold and one technological requirement.

  1. May 26, 2020 (time and location to be determined)
  2. All community and faculty & staff sponsors, as well as parents and guardians are invited.
  3. Guests will have the opportunity to walk around, browse the presentations, and hear from students directly about their experience.
  4. Each student is expected to create a visual presentation of his or her experience. Group presentations are not permitted unless with special permission from the WINGS committee.
  5. Visual presentations should include pictures and captions and be professional in nature.
  6. Students should be ready to discuss what they did, what they learned, and how their experience will help their future during the presentation. Students will need to reflect on two FCPS Portrait of a Graduate skills and connect it to what they learned during their internship.
  7. Students are required to supply their own materials and technology. If you need assistance with technology, please notify your JMHS staff sponsor as soon as possible.