Roles of Participants

Role of Student

  • Acquire JMHS Faculty or Staff Sponsor for your WINGS experience
  • Acquire a Community Sponsor for your WINGS experience at your place of internship
  • Complete a minimum of 36 hours at approved workplace
  • Produce evidence of internship to be shared at Celebrations of Experience Fair (visual representation)
  • Attend Celebrations of Experience Fair (mandatory)
  • Demonstrate appropriate conduct, professionalism, and attire for duration of internship
  • Write thank you notes to staff and community sponsors

Role of Teacher/Staff Sponsor

  • Guide students in the application process
  • Send Recommendation Google Form to teachers of students who have a GPA lower than 3.0 who are applying to the program
  • Assist students in their selection of their WINGS experience
  • Assist students with scheduling their WINGS internship times to ensure 36+ hours of work
  • Ensure student's application is filled out completely and accurately before the deadline
  • Field student questions regarding application requirements
  • Be available to students if they need assistance during their WINGS experience
  • Encourage students to complete projects by presentation date
  • Encourage students to attend the Flight Pattern Seminars

Role of Community Sponsor

  • Interact with student to coordinate and complete the given task/internship
  • Set goals for student and help in the achievement of those goals
  • Encourage and foster a sense of teamwork for student intern
  • Report any indiscretions, tardies, and inappropriate behavior to the sponsor teacher
  • Sign student schedule form
  • Allow student to return to JMHS if teacher requests
  • Attend the Celebration of Experience Fair, if desired