Student Parking

Information on student parking and permits

Seniors are given first priority for student parking; juniors are considered second.  The James Madison administrative staff reserves the right to deny parking on campus to any student at any time.


Pick up or purchase parking permits during the following times:

  • August 19 – 23 from 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. in the Security Office
  • Fall Kickoff on Thursday, August 22
  • During lunches on the first three days of school: August 26, 27, 28

Follow these steps to receive a parking permit on one of these days:

  1. Complete the online Parking Application
  2. Present a valid driver's license to be verified by the Security Staff
  3. Present vehicle registration to be verified by the Security Staff
  4. Submit payment of $200.00 through one of the following methods:
    • Online through You must present a hard copy of your receipt in order to be issued a permit.
    • Check made payable to JMHS
    • Cash


The number of available parking permits for juniors depends on the amount left unsold after the seniors have purchased theirs.

To apply for a parking permit:

  1. Complete the Junior Participation Form. This form is required and must be signed by the student in front of security personnel. The Security Office recommends completing the Junior Participation Form quickly (staff signatures are required), as it will speed up the process of purchasing a parking permit.  (The Junior Participation Form is evaluated when the number of junior students requesting a parking permit supersedes the number of parking permits available.)
  2. Complete the online Parking Application. The application will open on Thursday, August 29 and must be completed before Tuesday, September 3.
  3. Present the following items to security staff during lunches on September 3 and September 4:
    • Valid driver's license
    • Current vehicle registration
    • Completed Junior Participation Form
  4. On Thursday, September 5 a list of juniors receiving a parking permit will be posted outside the Security Office. If you’re on the list, you can receive your parking permit during lunches on Friday, September 6 or Monday, September 9. The fee is $200.00 and can be paid by any of the three methods listed below. Note: Please do not make a payment before checking the list posted outside the Security Office.
    • Cash
    • Check made payable to JMHS
    • Online through You must present a hard copy of your receipt in order to be issued a permit.

The Security Office will sell any remaining asphalt parking spaces first, and then sell the gravel lot spaces second. Juniors assigned to the gravel lot will only be allowed to park in the gravel lot during the school day (students with asphalt lot permits will not be allowed to park in the gravel lot).

Parking Rules & Regulations

  • Student parking on James Madison High School property will be by Permit Only beginning Monday, September 9, 2019.
  • Seniors and juniors that have unresolved school obligations will be asked to clear their obligations by September 30, 2019. 
  • Students will not be assigned an individual parking space. All student parking lots (asphalt and gravel) will be open every day to all permit holders on a first-come, first-served basis—except in spaces marked with a “T”, visitor spaces, and handicapped spaces.  The “T” marked spaces are for staff.  Students parking in those spaces will be ticketed, booted or towed.
  • Students without a parking permit or students who park improperly will be ticketed, booted or towed based on the parking violation. Fines start at $25.00. 
  • All students must display the 2019-2020 parking permit in clear view (facing outward) from the rear view mirror at all times while parked on school property. Failure to display the parking permit will result in a $10.00 ticket. If a student has a parking problem, he or she must notify the Security Office immediately.
  • Once students arrive at school, they must promptly enter the building and may not return to their vehicles without a pass from security or an administrator until their school day is complete.
  • Students are expected to obey all traffic laws and to drive in a safe and courteous manner at all times when on, or near, school property.   Students who drive in violation of the law or in an unsafe manner may lose their parking privileges.   There are no refunds of parking fees. 
  • The replacement fee for a lost/stolen/damaged parking permit is $10.00.  
  • Students who leave school grounds in violation of school rules, driving or not, may lose their parking permit for a period of time or for the remainder of the school year.

Contact the Security Office at 703-319-2341 with any questions. The Security Office is closed during the summer months, spring break, and winter break.