Yearbook Purchase

Check this list to see if you have purchased a yearbook. This list is hosted by our FCPS Google account, so your student will need to log in with his name and password to check this list.  This list was updated on March 8, 2019. If your name is not on this list, you have not ordered a yearbook. 

Yearbooks may be ordered online at Our school code is 5307.

If you would like to write a check, you can print this order form and mail it directly to the publisher.

Senior Portraits

Any student who will be a senior in the 2018-2019 school year will need to have a senior portrait taken by Lifetouch Studios. If you do not have a senior portrait taken by Lifetouch Studios 1) you will not be featured in the senior section of the yearbook and 2) you will not have a JMHS school ID.

If you were enrolled in JMHS at the end of your junior year, you should have received a letter from Lifetouch Studios with an appointment for your portrait. Please make every effort to attend your original portrait date, as make-up sessions fill up fast. The original portrait dates were set for June 18-26. If you did not attend your June session, a make-up date was scheduled for you in August. If you did not attend one of the first two sessions or are new to Madison, you have been assigned a portrait date in September. Please see the link above. 

All pictures are taken at JMHS. Your JMHS student ID card is printed by Lifetouch with your senior portrait on it. The importance of your school ID will be stressed this year as you (and the underclassmen) will now need it to check in and out of school in the Attendance Office, go to the Clinic, the Library, or Guided Study.

The yearbook staff cannot accept a senior portrait that is taken by any studio other than Lifetouch. Each senior portrait is processed in a very specific way by Lifetouch for inclusion in the yearbook. Other studios do not have the capacity to do this, although they may tell you they do. If, for whatever reason, you have not received notification from Lifetouch Studios, please call them immediately to set up a senior portrait appointment at 800-445-1189.

All senior portraits must be taken, by Lifetouch Studios, by Oct. 1, 2018. If a senior has not had his/her portrait taken by the date, he/she will not be included in the senior section of the yearbook. This is a firm deadline.Yearbook Purchase

Underclassmen Portraits

Students enrolled in grades 9-11 will have their photo taken by Lifetouch Studio on September 4 and 5 through their English class.

This photo serves multiple purposes:

1. It is the photo printed on the student ID.

2. It is the photo uploaded into our attendance and security system to maintain a photo ID of the student in the school system for security purposes.

3. It is printed in the yearbook publication.

4. It is available for purchase as a professional portrait as a keepsake from the school year.

All students are required to have a picture taken for internal school use purposes. If a student wishes to not have his picture featured in the yearbook, the FCPS Opt-Out form must be completed and submitted to the Main Office by September 9.

If a student is absent on the day pictures are taken, he may obtain a school ID in the school's security office.