Address Changes/Updates

In order to update your address in our system, please do the following:

Step 1

Confirm that your address is in the Madison Boundary using the FCPS Boundary Locator. The enrolling parent of the student must reside within the Madison boundary.

Step 2

Gather the proof of address documentation depending on which option (1 or 2) best applies to you.

Option 1: Parents who reside with their child in a property that they own or rent generally should provide ONE of the following documents:

  • Deed of house
  • Lease agreement in parent's name signed by rental management office
  • A resident manager's letter with company letterhead stating residence of parent    

Option 2: Parents who live with the child in a residence of someone else need to provide ALL of the following:

  • FCPS Leaseholder or Homeowner Affidavit - The homeowner or leaseholder of residence where parent/child are residing must provide a notarized affidavit accompanied by the lease or deed. (The homeowner or leaseholder will not need to be present at the registration appointment.)
  • FCPS Residency Affidavit - The parent of the enrolling student must also provide a notarized affidavit stating his/her residence. 
  • Three official supporting documents as evidence of non-temporary residence. Acceptable documentation include:
    • Employment - current payroll stub or current employer verification on company letterhead
    • Car - Virginia driver’s license, car registration, car insurance policy or bill, or Commonwealth of Virginia identification card
    • Utilities - bills from cell phone, Internet, gas, water, electricity, cable, or telephone
    • Taxes - current income tax form 1099, withholding form W-2
    • Other - bank statements, Department of Family Services, medical bills, Housing Choice Voucher, U.S. government issued document or other county or agency correspondence

Step 3

Complete the Student Registration Form (an update for our files).

Step 4

Email completed Student Registration Form and your proof of residency (as outlined above) to our registrar, Ms. Milan at

Physical presence of the parent in the residence of the child is required for enrollment in FCPS. If a parent initially enrolls the student, but then leaves Fairfax County, a change in enrollment status may be necessary.

Experiencing Homelessness: If students are experiencing homelessness, parents or legal guardians may contact the Homeless Liaison Office at 571-423-4332 or refer to Information for Homeless Families for additional contacts and resources. In addition, any neighborhood school can provide enrollment assistance.