Regional Science Fair

Student Scientists Represent JMHS Well at Regional Science Fair

March 21, 2018

Our local Science Fair was held on February 15, with hundreds of students presenting experiments in one of many scientific categories. Finalists from this round were selected to represent Madison at the Regional Science Fair which was held on March 18. Listed below are the students who placed at the Regional Science Fair. Many thanks to all of our local judges and to our phenomenal Science Department for helping these students prepare their experiments

Grand Prize Winner: Alicia Pan, Allen Pan   [Qualifies for the Intel International Fair @ Pittsburg]

Computational Biology & Bioinformatics

Novel Structure and Energy Cycles of Kinesin Dimers Walking on Microtubules Revealed from Self-Guided Langevin Dynamics

Grand Prize Alternate: Justin Hu  [Might be the first alternate in fact]


The Effect of Potassium Ion Concentration on Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor Ion Sensitivity

Grand Prize Nominee: Julia Hakeem, Mary Waclawski

Earth & Environmental Sciences

Assessing Potential Habitats for Brook Trout Sustainability

Grand Prize Nominee: Matthew Baharmast, Patrick Berry


The Effect of Nanotechnology in Purifying Water Supply in the Developing World

Other First Place Awards:

Katherine Helmicki


The Effect of Pollutants on the Light Emittance of Bioluminescent Dinoflagellates

Hanwen Zhang

Earth and Environmental Sciences

The Effect of Various Brewing Methods of Coffee Grounds as Fertilizer

Romina Kamrani, Caroline Scheider-Williams

Environmental Engineering

Purifying Water by Using Nanoparticles

All first place projects qualify to attend the Virginia State Science and Engineering Fair at Virginia Tech.

2nd Place Project

Anjali Sardana

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

Detecting Parkinson's Disease Using EEG Signals

Kayla Markley

Engineering Mechanics

Viscoelastic Damping

Stephen Desmarais

Environmental Engineering

The Effect of Different Methods of Erosion Control on the Amount of Measured Erosion

Sasha Hederstrom, Ava Bagherian

Materials Science

The Effect of Inflammable Additives to Paint on the Flammability of Wood

Sophia Samantaroy, Nitu Girish Mohan


The Effect of Different Types of Flour in a Sourdough Starter on the Amount of Microbiology

Sarah Heymsfeld, Leyla O'Beirne

Plant Sciences

The Effect of Varying Proportions of Barley to Hornwort on Levels of Dissolved Oxygen

Third Place Projects

Hanna Deller

Biomedical and Health Sciences

Testing the Effectiveness of Different SPF Sunscreens Under UV Light

Cahir Geraghty

Biomedical and Health Sciences

A Study on the Effects of Jewel Weed on Poison Ivy Oil

Honorable Mention Projects

Vibha Vijay

Biomedical and Health Sciences

The Effect of Geographic Location and Consumed Goods on the Rate of Alzheimer's Disease

Md-Awsaf-Raqin Siddique

Biomedical Engineering

The Effect of Neck Guards in Sports Related Injuries

Sailesh Bala, William Hetherington

Computational Biology adn Bioinformatics

Program that Locates Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms that Contribute to Huntington's Disease & Myotonic Dystrophy

Tiana Lee, Spencer Todd

Energy: Chemical

The Effect of Different Substances on the Effectiveness of A Fuel Cell