Ethics Day 2017

October 11, 2017

While students in grades 9-11 took the PSAT, members of the Class of 2018 participated in Ethics Day 2017, held at the Vienna Community Center. The intent of the day was to help demonstrate the necessity of creating a value system based on actions, reactions and our sources of influence. Tim Buckley, the Director of Student Services, explained "the modules were designed to help students explore their own thoughts and values around the topics of ethics"

Students rotated through four modules during the day in which they were asked to make an ethical decision based on a scenario presented to them. One such scenario was a courtroom dilemma at which Judge Gayle Carr presided over a mock trial, flanked by the prosecuting attorney Nathaniel Baldwin, who is a Madison graduate, and the defense attorney Bob Wagman. The students in the room were asked to take on the roll of a jury and decide the fate of the defendant. Both attorneys argued their side of the case, and called on witnesses (role played by community members).  Lieutenant Thomas Taylor, a member of the Vienna Police Department, also participated in the mock trial, as the officer on the scene of the vehicular accident that was discussed at the trial. 

As the day began, students were paired with a Table Leader who facilitated the discussions the student groups had at each module. Table leaders, room facilitators and moderators were adult volunteers from the community, including Madison Alumni, former Madison faculty members, employees from Navy Federal and members of the Rotary Club. 

The event was sponsored by The Town of Vienna, Madison's PTSA, Dominion Energy, the Vienna Optimists and the Rotary Club.