PSAT Information

Madison will host the PSAT on Thursday, October 29th. Only students who are registered for the test will be permitted to test.


  • What to bring on test day:
    • A picture ID - School ID or Driver’s License
    • A mask that must be worn the entire time you are in the building
    • At least two number 2 pencils (not mechanical)
    • Graphing calculator or six-function calculator
    • Water/snack
    • Hand sanitizer (optional)


  • Check-in procedure:
    • Student check-in begins at 7:45. All students should be on campus and in line at their assigned entrance no later than 8:15. Doors will close at 8:30.
    • Students must respond verbally to the Health Screening Questionnaire given by staff members upon arrival.
    • Students will have their temperature taken upon arrival.
    • Students must maintain social distancing protocols while in line and in the hallways.
    • Students will get their testing room location at check-in.
    • Door Entrances have been assigned by students’ last name. You may only enter the building at your designated entrance.               


Student’s Last Name

Door Entrance


Door 3 (near cafeteria)


Door 6 (back of school, near baseball field)


Door 8 (near tennis courts)


Door 12 (front of building)


Door 1 (main entrance)


  • Parking:
    • Please park near your assigned entrance. We will have student parking available near all the entrances.


  • Bus Transportation:
    • Those students who indicated a need for bus transportation will be contacted by Madison by 10/27 with details. If you have questions about bus transportation please reach out to Mr. Baird (@email).


  • Breakfast/Lunch:
    • If you plan to take advantage of the grab and go breakfast option, please try to arrive at school by 7:45.
    • Students may pick up a grab and go lunch after testing.


  • Dismissal:
    • Most students should be finished with testing by 12:15.
    • Students who test with approved College Board Accommodations will finish later.
      • 50% extended time: »1:45
      • MP3 Audio: »1:15


2020 Student Guides: PSAT

The PSAT/NMSQT Student Guides have pertinent information for testing, tips, and a practice test: 

·        PSAT/NMSQT Student Guide


Q.  Who can test?

       A. Only juniors will be permitted to test on October 29, 2020. Students will register through the school, NOT through the College Board. However, please encourage your child to set up a College Board account as they will receive access to their score reports through this account.  Only juniors can be eligible for the National Merit Scholarship.   

Q.  When/where is the PSAT?

       A. The PSAT will be given on October 29th at Madison during the school day. 

Q.  How long is the test? 

       A. The PSAT is normally 3 hours, 55 minutes long; however, students with College Board-approved extended time will test longer. Due to COVID-19 precautions, breaks can be doubled. Students testing with standard time should be done by 1:00. Students testing with 50% extended time should be done at approximately 2:30.

Q: Is food permitted?

  1.  Fairfax County will be providing a grab and go breakfast and lunch option for all students. Snacks are allowed to be eaten during scheduled breaks. We request that snacks are peanut-free and carried in a clear Ziplock bag.

Q.  How can my student prepare for the PSAT?

       A. PSAT Student Guides which includes a practice test is linked above.  This document is also available on the College Board website. The College Board has also partnered with Khan Academy to provide online practice: Official SAT® Practice.

Q.  How can my student apply for testing accommodations for the PSAT?

       A. College Board’s deadline for PSAT accommodation requests was August 16th.  Any student who has College Board approved accommodations will receive the appropriate accommodations on test day.  Please be aware that students with an extended time accommodation will finish testing laterAdditionally, students testing with MP3 audio will test over 2 days. For questions about the College Board accommodation request process, please contact our SSD Coordinator, Taylor Bartram, at

Q.  When will my student receive PSAT scores? 

       A. Scores for the PSAT/NMSQT will be available online to students through their free College Board accounts by January.   Students can view scores via College Board at Students who do not currently have a College Board account will need to create one to view scores.  

Q.  What should my student bring to school on PSAT Day? Please note: We are not able to loan out pencils or calculators to students due to health concerns.

  • A picture ID (school ID or driver’s license)
  • A mask that must be worn the entire time they are in the building. 
  • Two or more No. 2 pencils- not mechanical
  • Graphing Calculator
  • Water and snacks. Snacks may be consumed during breaks. We request that snacks are peanut-free and carried in a clear Ziplock bag.

Q.  I have a question that is not listed above – who should I contact? 

       A. Please contact our assessment coach, Jennifer Frate (@email) for more information regarding the PSAT.