End of Year Updates

Believe it or not the end of the school year is rapidly approaching. We wanted to share with you some information regarding the calendar and various assessments taking place over the last several weeks.

Parents of seniors have been sent a specific email with detailed information regarding the senior end of year timeline. Please see the Class of 2021 page for complete details on senior end of year scheduling. Please note, time change on May 27 – Graduation rehearsal and ticket distribution has been moved to a 9:30 a.m. start time and will end by 10:30. There is a picnic after ticket distribution that is optional for seniors to attend.

Underclassmen will continue with their regular schedule through June 3.

Please note the following changes to the Madison schedule:

  • June 1: Asynchronous learning day due to Madison’s graduation at Jiffy Lube Live
  • June 4: Underclassmen half days begin. Periods 6 & 8 - 8:20-11:35
  • June 8:  All FCPS schools will be providing virtual synchronous learning on this day due to elections in the buildings. Periods 1 & 3 (underclassmen only) 8:20-11:35
  • June 9: Periods 5 & 7 (underclassmen only) 8:20-11:35
  • June 10: Periods 2 & 4 (underclassmen only) 8:20-11:35


If a student is taking an SOL, an email notification has been sent to both the enrolling parent and the student’s @fcpsschools.net email with details about the test day including the student’s test location, arrival time, and what to bring on test day. If you and your student did not receive an email, then your child doesn’t have any SOLs to take this year.

As a reminder, we only give SOLs to students who need to take a test to earn a verified credit for graduation or to fulfill federal participation requirements.

Generally, the following students will take SOLs:

9th Graders

  • Science SOL on Monday, May 10
  • Math SOL on Monday, May 17

10th Graders

  • Most 10th graders do NOT have any SOLs to take.
  • Students enrolled in Virginia public schools last year earned verified credits for their courses last year if they passed the course.
  • 10th grade students who need a science or math SOL have been contacted.

11th Graders

  • Reading SOL on Monday, May 3
  • 11th grade students who need a science or math SOL have been contacted.

12th Graders

  • Most 12th graders will NOT have any SOLs to take.
  • Seniors who still need a verified credit for graduation have been notified.

This year due to COVID-19, families were given the option to refuse SOLs. The details about refusals were explained in the individual SOL notifications that went to families in early April. If you have questions about SOLs, please contact Mrs. Frate at @email. You may also visit the SOL Testing page for additional information about SOLs.


AP Exam Schedule

All students received a confirmation email with their scheduled exams on 4/21. It was sent to their school email and their College Board email account. If students must make changes to exams moving forward, please direct all emails to Ms. Anderson (@email) in Student Services.

Next Steps to Prepare for Exam

  1. Download the Digital Testing App on the computer you plan to use for AP exams and follow the 4 Steps. Students using their FCPS laptops, the software is now available in your start menu under 2021 Digital AP Exams. There is a short video on the College Board website to view for additional information. Even if students are taking paper exams, it is suggested they download the app.
  2. Practice with example questions in the Digital Testing App.
  3. You must complete exam setup FOR EACH digital exam 1 to 3 days before the exam.

Students taking the digital AP Exams, MUST install the new software bundle from Software Center regardless of the versions currently installed.  This new install will allow the software to self-update when launched, previous versions will not self-update.

Another large update from College Board is expected to be pushed Tuesday, 5/4.  Without the Software Center version, students will not be able to receive the update.


  • This year’s AP test will be full length tests whether they are paper/pencil or digital.
  • Students scheduled to take at home digital exams should attend school virtually for the day.
  • PAPER/PENCIL EXAMS: Students are expected to report to school by 7:45 for an 8AM exam and 11:45 for a 12PM exam.
  • WHAT TO BRING: Pencil and dark blue/black, calculator, and lunch/snacks a clear bag for in-person exams.
  • Students should not bring backpacks and other bags to school during AP exams unless necessary.
  • For digital exams, students can use their own personal computer, or their school issued laptop to take digital tests. You cannot test on a cell phone or Chrome Book.
  • There is no financial penalty for not taking the test this year. If you paid for a test that you will not take, you must submit a request to be reimbursed by May 3. Refunds will be given over the summer.
  • Approved College Board accommodations will be available on both paper/pencil and digital exams. Any questions about applying for accommodations should be directed to Taylor Bartram @email.

There is an extensive FAQ list on the AP Exams webpage. If you have additional questions, please reach out to our AP Coordinators, Ashley Anderson (@email) and Jennifer Frate (@email).