End of Year Information

Yearbook Distribution


May 31 at 11:16 in the Dance Room

Grades 9-11

June 1 during B, C, and D Lunches in the Dance Room

If you'd like to check if you purchased a yearbook, go to YearbookOrderCenter.com and use code 5307. There should be an option to “Find Your Order” by inputting the email address you used to purchase the books online.

Note: Online yearbook sales have officially closed. A limited number of yearbooks will be available for $75 at distribution. Cash or check only – checks should be made out to JMHS Yearbook. 

Laptop Return

We are required to collect EACH student’s FCPS-assigned laptop by the end of this school year.   

Guidelines for the collection of laptops:

  • All SENIORS and/or students leaving JMHS must back up locally stored files and their FCPS G Suite data before turning in their laptops. ALL local files, bookmarks, and programs will be erased. 
  • All students returning to JMHS must back up their locally stored files and their browser bookmarks before turning in their laptops. ALL local files and bookmarks must be backed up, as they will be erased during the reimaging process.
  • Laptops must be returned free of stickers, markings and other drawings, or the student will be charged a $50.00 cleaning fee.
  • Students should turn in their laptop and charging cord. Students should keep their case; we will not collect cases from students, nor will a new one be provided in the fall to returning students.
  • If a student lost their laptop or their laptop cord, they should go to the JMHS Technology page to pay for the lost laptop or cord. Non-FCPSOn chargers will NOT be accepted, and students will need to pay for the missing charger. Payments will be made through MySchoolBucks. Students should bring a paper receipt from MySchoolBucks with them when they come to the laptop collection.


May 31 at 11:16 in the Main Gym

If a senior student is unable to return their laptop on 5/31, they may bring it to Convocation on June 1.

Grades 9-11

June 15 during 4th period

End of Year Schedule


5/25-5/26: Wings Presentation Prep (Half Day for seniors)

5/30-5/31: Wings Presentations (Half Day for seniors)

5/31: Laptop return, cap/gown and cord distribution (11:16 - Main Gym); Yearbook Distribution (11:16 - Dance Room)

6/1: Convocation (10:00 - Auditorium). Seniors report to Auditorium at 9:30.

6/2: Kings Dominion Trip (seniors report to Auditorium at 7:15)

6/5: Senior slideshow, grad ticket distribution (10:00 - Auditorium); Graduation Rehearsal (10:45 - Baseball field); Senior Picnic (11:30 - concessions stand); Baccalaureate (6:00 p.m. Vienna Presbyterian Church)

6/6: Graduation (10:00 - DAR Constitution Hall). Seniors should arrive by 9:15.

6/6-6/7: All Night Grad (11:00 p.m. - 5:00 a.m. - Vienna Community Center)

Grades 9-11

6/1: Course assessments completed

6/2-6/5: Course Reflections/Prep for Presentations

6/6: No School (Graduation)

6/7-6/9: Course Reflections/Prep for Presentations

6/12: 1st: 8:10-8:40; Advisory Presentations: 8:50-10:40; 3rd: 10:50-11:20

6/13: 2nd: 8:10-8:40; Advisory Presentations: 8:50-10:40; 6th: 10:50-11:20

6/14: 5th: 8:10-8:40; Advisory Presentations: 8:50-10:40; 7th: 10:50-11:20

6/15: 8th: 8:10-8:40; Advisory: 8:50-11:20 - Mentoring (11th), Class activity (9th and 10th), Laptop return (9-11)

6/16: Last Day

Bell Schedule for 6/16

  • 1st  8:10 - 8:20
  • 2nd 8:25 - 8:35
  • 3rd 8:40 - 8:50 
  • 4th 8:55 - 9:05
  • 5th 9:10 - 9:20 
  • 6th  9:25 - 9:35 
  • 7th  9:40 - 9:50
  • 8th  9:55 - 10:05 


For more information about Wings and Presentations, visit the MAD Wings page.

Class of 2023

For more information regarding all things seniors, visit the Class of 2023 page.

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