Vision, Mission, and Beliefs

Vision Statement

We encourage students to meet and exceed their potential abilities in their academic, artistic, and athletic endeavors.  We establish great expectations for our students, and work tirelessly to ensure their success.  

Mission Statement

To develop creative and resilient global citizens.


Creative student will:

  • Explore innovative solutions
  • Think critically and solve problems
  • Identify, define, initiate and execute a task
  • Construct and present an authentic and unique solution to a real-world problem

Resilient student will:

  • Adapt and persevere
  • Establish long and short term goals
  • Take risks
  • Self-advocate
  • Develop and utilize emotional intelligence

Global Citizen will:

  • Collaborate to build a strong sense of community locally
  • Apply lessons learned locally to the broader world
  • Communicate effectively in written and verbal forms
  • Exhibit cultural awareness
  • Contribute to the community through service